Motley Student Bake-Off Entry Form
Thank you for your interest in entering the Spring 2018 Motley Student Bake-Off! The bake-off is an opportunity for the public to decide which student bakers will sell their baked goods at the Motley Coffeehouse for the semester. It's always an exciting event packed with 5C students, faculty, and staff and Claremont community members.

The bake-off will be held in the Motley sitting room from 12--1 PM on Friday, February 9th. Please fill out this form by 5 PM on Thursday, February 8th to enter!

Entrants should arrive at the Motley by 11:45 AM with their baked goods.

Entrants are responsible for bringing their own serving dishes and utensils (tongs, knives, paper plates, napkins, etc) and clearly labeling their items. If you don't have the allergens/ingredients listed, be ready to answer a bunch of questions.


Q: What should I bake?
A: Whatever your little heart desires. In the past we've had students enter granola, donut holes, cookies, muffins, scones, cupcakes, brownies, macarons, meringues, mini quiches, and more. What would you like to buy at the Motley that we don't carry?

Q: How many should I bring?
A: The bake-off usually has a huge attendance--in the past, 200+ people. While you definitely don't need to bring 200 cookies, think about dividing your baked goods into bite-sized pieces.

Q: Can I bake more than one thing?
A: Yes! Fill out a separate form for each item.

Q: I'm busy on Friday, can I still enter?
A: A friend can attend the bake-off in your place. Make sure they know enough about your stuff so that they can answer questions about ingredients.

Q: When do I find out if I was chosen?
A: You'll hear the results by Monday, February 12th.

Q: If selected, will I get paid?
A: Bakers will be compensated at a mutually agreed-upon amount, typically enough to cover cost of ingredients.

Other questions? Email Emma at

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Baked goods must be delivered by 10 AM Monday--Friday and 11 AM Saturday--Sunday. Schedule flexibility will increase the likelihood of being selected.
By completing this form, I agree to bring a batch of my baked goods to the Motley Coffeehouse on Friday, February 9th at 11:45 AM. I understand that I am responsible for providing serving dishes, utensils, and accurate labeling. *
I understand that entering the Student Bake-Off indicates my desire to have my baked goods sold at the Motley Coffeehouse this semester. Baked goods will be judged by bake-off attendees and Motley employees based on taste, creativity, accommodation of dietary restrictions, cost of production, and baker availability. *
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