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This form is to help gather information for building and updating University of Northern Iowa ScholarWorks/SelectedWorks Faculty Profiles. You can skip fields and complete only the ones you have information for.
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Information - Adding Publications to Your Profile: Send your curriculum vita to the email address. We will add publications to your profile in 2 steps. 1) Link out to publisher's websites 2) Conduct rights checking on each publication and deposit what we can in UNI ScholarWorks. Import publications from ScholarWorks to your profile in accordance with copyright. We would then import publications form ScholarWorks to your profile.
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Photograph: Let us know if you plan to send a new photo for your profile. Send photos to the email address.
We tried to locate a photo of you on the UNI Website in order to use it as a placeholder. If there was no photo available, we used a generic photo of the UNI campanile. If you have another photo that you would like us to use on your profile, please send us the new photo.
Present Position: Include rank and department (e.g., Associate Professor, Physics)
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Introductory Text: Include introductory text to be used on your faculty profile.
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Can we upload your Curriculum Vita to your faculty profile?
What is your home UNI department, unit, or center?
Research Interest Areas: Include your primary research interest areas
For Example: Mathematics Education; Child Clinical Psychology; Economic of Professional Sports Leagues; Graphic Design
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Honors/Awards: Include your honors and awards
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Website Links: Include related website links other than your UNI department and college websites
For Example: Personal or project websites
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Contact Information:
Please double check your contact information located in the "About" tab. If the information requires updating, please provide new contact information below.
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Do you have an ORCID number? If yes, enter your ORCID number below. ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows. See how to register at
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