UCB-UCSF JMP Testimonial Form
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1. What is your relationship to the JMP?
2. In many ways the JMP has an innovative approach to medical education. What does this approach mean to you?
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3. As a current student/alumnus/alumna, what benefits does/did the JMP educational experience bring to you both inside and beyond the classroom?
Note: Please type "N/A" if you are not a student/alumnus/alumna
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4. As an alumnus/alumna, what about the JMP makes you the most proud?
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5. Based on your own experiences, how do you feel JMP alumni differentiate themselves in the workplace and society?
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6. Relative to traditional medical programs, the JMP equips graduates to have a greater impact in the workplace and society.
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7. Please provide specific examples (e.g., success stories).
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8. Have you signed our Save the JMP! petition at www.ipetitions.com/petition/savethejmp?
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