Stakeholder Survey – Urban Heating and Cooling Transition
Welcome to the Celsius Stakeholder Survey!

Making the energy transition a reality is going to be one of the key challenges in the coming years, and even more so for the heat transition which is still lagging behind. With the pathway to 2030 and 2050 set, we still have to decide on the levers and technologies to get us there. We are keen to know your opinion!
Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability.
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Organisation *
Organisation type *
How much do you know about district heating & cooling (DHC)? *
Are you familiar with the Celsius City Initiative ( *
Rate the following topics according to importance to achieve a fast heat transition in European cities: *
1 (not important at all)
2 (rather not important)
3 (neutral)
4 (important)
5 (very important
Fuel switch: DHC and heat pumps to heat buildings
Fuel switch: solar thermal and geothermal
Fuel switch: waste heat and cold
Fuel switch: hydrogen and other green gases to heat buildings
Political will on local, regional and national level
Public subsidies, targeted financing and investments
Building renovations
Municipal heat plans
Citizen engagement
CO2 taxation or similar market signals
Cities can make a real difference in the energy transition. What do you think are the most important factors to empower cities in their heat transition? *
1 (not important at all)
2 (rather not important)
3 (neutral)
4 (important)
5 (very important)
Financial support, including grants and equity financing for projects
External technical support for cities
Capacity building inside the city administration
Peer-to-peer exchange between cities
Replication of projects from other cities
Clear EU and national frameworks with targets towards 2030 and 2050
Networks such as Energy Cities, EuroCities, Celsius initiative, C40, Covenant of Mayors etc.
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