Designers Available
An opportunity for designers to use their skills and abilities to support the work of community organizations, non-profits, social causes and movements. Upon submitting, you will be included in a member network that receives regular calls for designers to be matched with organizations.

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For example, your office has a conference room that goes unused in the evenings and on weekends, you have access to a printer and scanner, you work in a printmaking facility, you are connected to people with class and economic privilege and access, etc.
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In 2019, Designers Available will move to a member-supported model that would allow for designers from underrepresented backgrounds working on projects with non-profits to get paid for their work at no cost to the organization. Are you able to make a monthly donation to contribute to this work?
For more information and a link to donate, please visit
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This form/spreadsheet was initiated by Joelle Riffle. You can reach me at or @bbarugula on twitter and instagram.
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