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The WildCard is a multi-faceted arts show open to OCAD students, staff & public, that is committed to uplifting local emerging artists and performers by providing them the time and space, to showcase their talents and allow them to network with other creatives - think of an open mic & an artist alley combined, and elevated.

We are striving for an event that not only provides the platform for emerging artists, comic acts, musicians and more, to showcase their skill sets, but also provide aid to the lack of community that is often felt at OCAD U. We are also hoping that the Wildcard can be a space for students to destress prior to the very busy exam period.


Date: Friday, November 15th, 2019 @6:30-9:30PM (3hours)
Location: Rosalie Sharp Pavillion, CEAD (the Centre for Emerging Arts & Design) 115 McCaul St, 3rd Floor

We are looking for performers, whether you are a singer, comedian, band or even a filmmaker, we are interested in providing a platform for you to showcase what you do!

This will be on a selection basis, we will be sending confirmation emails in a few weeks once we choose our performing lineup!

There is no cost to participating in this event and think of it like an open mic!
We will be providing the space and audience - we will also try our best to accommodate to any requests regarding sound, etc.The space is not set up for typical music events, so keep in mind the amount of equipment you will bring if you are selected.



@TheWildcardEvent on Instagram & Twitter

Email us directly if you have any questions or direct message our instagram!
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