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Thank you for helping to activate marchers! If you've got a group or organization coming to march let us know by filling out this form. We look forward to seeing you on January 20, 2018 with Women's March Chicago for March to the Polls!

March details can be found at our website
and on our Facebook event page:
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If your group name includes acronyms please spell out the name in addition to the acronym. If you are registering an informal group and meet-up spot please come up with a name (ie: Marchers from Oak Street).
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CONTACT First and Last name *
This name should be the person associated with the email address in question 1 and will be used when we provide you with March information for your group. It will be kept confidential.
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CONTACT Phone Number (optional)
This number should be for the person associated with the email address in question 1 and will be used to contact you with March information. It will be kept confidential.
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Can we list your organization as a PARTICIPATING group on our website? *
If yes we will list your group name on our website and it may appear in our PR materials.
Organization website:
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Organization email address
This email address might be used on our website or in PR materials to identify your organization. It is not necessarily the same as the contact email you listed previously.
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The constituency your group supports or connects:
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Can we publicize your January 20 meet-up location so others can go to the march with you? *
If yes we will list your meet-up spot on our website and encourage others to join you for the march. We also suggest that you register your meetup spot on, post on NextDoor, Everyblock and in other public places.
Group meet-up location for January 20
List your meet spot so others can join your group. This data will be pulled into mapping software so please give a full address with zip code. Assume the rally will be in downtown Chicago, Grant Park when choosing your pre-march meet spot. You can update this information if your plans change. Specific details for the March to the Polls rally location will be announced at as soon as they are finalized.
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Group meet-up time on January 20
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Will your group be arriving via private bus/coach? *
If yes, we will send you information for your driver regarding drop-off and parking locations. This information will also be published at
Fundraising is critical to support March to the Polls - how will you help? *
Let us know how your group can help with this to make it happen and enable other groups to be there. Please do what you can. Thank you!
Outreach is also critical to help ensure the march reflects the diversity of Chicago. How can you help? *
Please think about reaching out to activate another group of marchers to team up with your group on January 20. Identity and invite a group that you may not be connected to already or a group who may not be planning to come yet and invite them to partner with you. Think intersectional feminism - stretch your boundaries - reach out to a group quite different than your own group - use the lead up to the march as a way to build new connections.
Anything else you want us to know?
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