This survey is to estimate how many baristas have lost their jobs following the restaurant and cafe shutdowns related to COVID-19.


1. This form is meant to be anonymous! No emails will be collected from this form!

2. Please only indicate if you were fired AS A DIRECT RESULT of COVID-19. Some folks might have been furloughed or had their jobs placed on hold—we will have a separate question for you and ask you to categorize yourself as best you see fit.

3. For demographic reasons, we'll ask the city and state you're in currently.

The point of this survey is to try to understand just how pervasive this is and how many people are affected.
Were you let go of your job because of COVID-19? *
IF YOU ANSWERED NO IN QUESTION #1: Were you furloughed or told in some way that your shifts have been cut, but you were guaranteed your job back when this passes? SKIP IF YOU SAID YES IN QUESTION #1
IF YOU ANSWERED NO IN QUESTIONS #1 and 2: Were your hours cut or impacted because of COVID-19? SKIP IF YOU ANSWERED YES IN QUESTIONS 1 or 2
What city or town do you live in? Please include the town and state (Chicago, Illinois, for example)
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