'Friends of iOlite' | Telegram Campaign Registration
Welcome to 'Friends of iOlite’!

**Terms of use**
1) Each ambassador will receive 1,000 ILT tokens for every 3 new members introduced to iOlite’s project and joined our Telegram group.
2) In order to be eligible for the stakes - ambassador must invite the new member himself and not by invitation link.
3) The invited member must stay till the end of the token sale. In case the member left, it will not be counted for the stakes.
4) The referral program is limited to $25,000 USD worth in ILT (20% of total 10,000,000 ILT tokens based on $0.0125 per token) .
5) Request for change of ERC-20 address is accepted through info@iolite.io when providing: [title of this form], [full name], [original ERC-20 address submitted] [newly requested address].
6) All payments to be made at the end of the contribution campaign.
7) All questions will be directed to info@iolite.io or our community group http://t.me/iolite
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