Holiday Wish List Financial Support Submission Form
This form is to submit a holiday wish list to be included on Kelly's website that will be shared within communities in order to work to fulfill them. There are no base requirements to submit, just that you have financial need. And, I have trust in you that only you can know if you need this type of financial support. And I believe that no matter the reason, we all deserve to have a holiday season that brings us and our families joy. 

A wishlist is simply a registry for whichever store you choose. There are a few links to choose from below to get yourself all set up: 
Target Registry WishList or Community list:
Giftster (general registry):

You can add more than one wishlist if you'd like, and certainly do so to add more than one store. Please make sure your wishlist is set up to mail the items to you as I am not able to accept the deliveries. You may include your name on your wishlist, or you can consider setting the name and address to private. This is all up to you! 

And please don't let setting up the wishlist be a barrier, please reach out and we'll see if we can get it done!

Happy Holidays. 

Kelly Warner (the site where your wishlist will be posted)
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What is your name, for my records only! And so I know what to call you when I'm in touch! *
How can I reach you, if I need to? Please include an email or phone number as I'd hate to have a broken link or something, and not be able to reach you! *
What city and town do you live in? (this if for me, I'm tracking the reach of this effort for future planning) *
Please provide the link to your wishlist(s) below.  *
What date do you need orders to be placed by for your family?  *
If you want to submit a message, or a name for your list on my website, please include that below. You could include what holiday you celebrate, your family's name, simply the words thank you, or you can also leave this blank. You do not need to share anything about you unless you want to. 
Please submit any feedback for me here, and especially for how I can make this more accessible for all. 
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