Israeli Hebrew "Zoom" lessons for grown ups
Hello everyone,
I'm Dan, the Shinshin of Kane street synagogue of 2019-2020.
"Shinshin" = an 18 year old Israeli person who decided to delay their mandatory army service for a year so they could volunteer with the Jewish people to connect hearts of Israeli Jews and the Jews that live abroad.
For the last half a year I lived in Brooklyn, teaching children at Kane Street.
I was about to live there for another half a year.
Because of the COVID-19 situation, the Jewish Agency for Israel decided to bring all the Shinshinim from the entire world back home.
However, my mission in Brooklyn and Kane Street is not over, and I would love to offer you Hebrew lessons, once a week, with a touch to Israel and its culture.
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How will these Hebrew lessons work?
There will be three groups, determined by the Hebrew level of each person:
Beginners: This group is for people that know only the word "Shalom" and maybe few more. We will learn how to have basic conversations in Hebrew, for example: How are you? What's your name? etc.
Intermediate: This group is for people who know the basics and want to learn more. We will learn vocabulary and even read some very short stories and discuss them.
Advanced: This group is for people who know Hebrew well and can speak fluently or close to fluently. We will talk Hebrew a lot in the lesson, read Israeli poetry and discuss it.

Each lesson will occur once a week and will last about 30 minutes. The lesson with take place through "Zoom" program.
The lesson is for every grown up that would like to join!
If you are a couple, please sign up separately.
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Thank you! Hope we will (virtually) meet soon!
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