Auntie Maureen's Festive Food-a-Fair 06.12.15 Registration of Interest Form
Sunday 06.12.15
11am - 5pm
Orford House Social Club
Orford Road
London E17 4UH

Auntie Maureen's Festive Food-a-Fair has openings for food and food-inspired gifts, artisan, gourmet, specialist, drinks, art, and homewares. This is a shopping event to buy to take away or as gifts so items should be tinned, jarred, bottled, or otherwise packaged, ready to take away. It is not possible to accommodate street food or cooking at the venue. Tasters are acceptable. Cake makers, please first contact the fair organiser to discuss your offerings as the event is over-subscribed for cake but it may be possible to place unusual deserts and sweets after discussing menu options.

1) At this stage this form is NOT an offer of a pitch or stall. I will first assess suitability and be in touch to discuss what is possible before I can offer you the opportunity to trade.

2) If successful EVERYONE is expected to engage in reciprocal marketing and promotion immediately from the date a pitch is offered. You are expected to inform your clientele, your area etc, about your own business at this event. Priority will be given to those traders who have a proven track record of marketing and promotion already. In this way we create the economy from which we are all wishing to benefit. In the words of Aristotle: “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

3) All traders need to be food hygiene certificated up to Level 2 plus all kitchens need to have been approved. All traders will also need to be liability insured. Please carry this documentation with you when you trade at the event.

4) All electrical appliances and items have to have undergone an up-to-date PAT test. Limited availability, please express this requirement when you enter your business info on the form.

5) STALL HIRE: for this event date each stall costs £40. Use of electricity by prior agreement at an extra £2.50 for the event day. once you are offered a stall your pitch will only be confirmed by cleared payment either as a counter cash payment at the bank or per bank transfer. All stall hire has to be paid in full by Monday 23 November 2015. Cancellation refunds works as follows:
- 1 calendar month before the event date: refund given in full.
- Up to 3 weeks before the event date: 75% of charges paid will be refunded
- Up to 2 weeks before the event date: 50% of charges paid will be refunded
- Less than 2 weeks before the event date: no refund paid.

There are three types of pitches which are allocated on the basis of a particular trader's needs. The final decision about stall placement on the floor plan lies with the fair organiser.  
- Central floor pitch size approx 3 meters wide with 2 pub tables 60cm x 120cm.  Generous table space but no additional wall space, floor space nor access to electricity £40
- Booth pitch on side of the room 3 meters wide with 1 x trestle table 90cm x 180cm.  Additional wall or seating space behind (depth), access to bolt-on electricity.  Pitch £40.  Electricity additional £2.50
- Stage pitch 4 meter wide by 3 meter deep with 1 trestle table 90cm x 180cm £40. Access to electricity (additional £2.50)
- Add on space may be possible for extra charge but please enquire via email.
- Add-on electricity is £2.50 for the day, to be booked in advance (see booking form) with the fair organiser providing the extension lead and safety trip switch.

6) When you register to trade you accept the above terms & conditions.

Auntie Maureen's Food-a-Fair on Facebook here:

For queries please ring 07432430386 or email

Thank you for your interest,
x Auntie Maureen

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