Student Technology Consent Form SAD #53 and Private Day Students
MCI faculty work diligently to integrate technology into the curriculum to improve the student experience. We believe in educating our students about responsible computer use and have included our technology rules in Maine Central Institute's acceptable use policy and in the student handbook. Students are responsible for their choices when using computers on campus. These rules apply to all technology devices on campus including school-issued student iPads and other MCI computers as well as the use of MCI's servers, Internet access, and networks.
We strongly encourage students to bring devices home in order to realize the full benefits of how technology can support quality instruction. To help facilitate this we are offering a reasonably priced insurance plan which will mitigate possible high cost of repairs.
My signature below indicates I have read and understand the acceptable use policy provided to me by Maine Central Institute. By authorizing my student to take his or her assigned iPad home, I understand and accept the responsibility of theft, loss, or damage.
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