Initial Fitness Assessment - Online Coaching with Coach Chris
I’m very pumped to get this process started with you, and I really hope we're going to be a great fit together.

So as I mentioned before, the first thing we’re going to do is a comprehensive fitness assessment. What it really means is I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions to get to know you better to make sure we'r a fit, and if we are, this eval gives me everything I need to create a perfect program just for YOU.

Tip #1: Be as detailed as possible.

Tip #2: Don’t by shy. I PROMISE this isn’t going to wind up on the interwebz somewhere, so be honest when filling it out. The more you tell me about yourself, the better I can make your program. Cool?

Tip #3: Have a little fun with this, okay?

Ok, here it goes:

First & Last Name *
Where do you live (city & state & country) *
Best Phone number *
Best Email address *
1) Current Weight *
2) Estimated Body Fat % *
3) Height *
4) years on planet earth *
1) Let’s set a defined goal for the first 3 months of our working together. What is your primary goal for this training (i.e fat loss, muscle gain, etc)? *
2) How much weight do you want to lose/gain to consider this program a success? *
3) What do you see being the biggest obstacles to hitting your health/fitness goals? What prevented you from accomplishing them in the past? *
4) What motivated you to seek training? *
5) And why from me? (there are zillions of personal trainers to choose from). Were you referred by anyone? (who do I get to thank for introducing us?) *
1) What do you do all day (job, no job, hobbies, etc.)? Do you sit around a lot or are you pretty active? *
2) Do you play any sports, like to go hiking or do any other active stuff outside the gym (yoga, spinning classes, walking/running, swimming, etc.)? *
1) What’s your typical meal schedule look like? Doesn’t have to be exact, just give me an idea for when you typically eat. Do you usually cook your own food or eat out? *
2) Are there any foods you absolutely HAVE to have in your diet? *
3) Any allergies or stuff that you just HATE to put in your month? [Insert bad joke here] *
4) How many drinks a night/week do you have? And what types? (i.e. beer / wine /cocktail / Smirnoff ice) [note I will only be slightly judging you here] *
5) Do you take any medications or supplements? This one is kinda important, so please list everything you take that’s not regular food. *
1) Do you currently work out? What program are you on? *
2) How long have you been going to the gym? Give me some examples of programs you’ve done in the past. Which one was your favorite? *
3) When would be the best time for you to go to the gym for 1-1.5 hours? Is it different on weekdays vs. weekends? *
4) What kind of gym do you go to and what equipment do you have access to? Again, don’t need full details, just give me an idea (squat rack, place to deadlift, free weights, etc.). *
5) Do you have any injuries that I should be aware of? Mobility issues? Medical conditions? *
1) If you had to be a superhero, WHO WOULD YOU BE?! *
2) Favorite book? What are you reading right now? *
3) Favorite TV show (Game of Thrones, right?)? Movie? *
4) Favorite sports team? Not really into sports? *
FINAL Q: I'd like to join your free VIP club and receive exclusive content, free workouts, and cool stories.....
Clear selection
That's it!
You made it - thank you!

If there is anything else that you feel I should know before I review your application to see if we're a fit, go ahead and send it over.

Hit me up at

Hope you have a great day, and I'll get back to you within 24 hours.
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