Counselor and Teacher Application
WHERE: American Islamic College 613 W Bittersweet Pl 60613
WHEN: July 31-August 11 (Monday -Friday) 9am-3pm.
Head counselors are responsible for a group of about 15 children and have the task of managing the group and co-counselors to move through all classes, activities, transitions, lunch, and field trips according to established schedule. Counselors also assist special area teachers as needed and work closely with the children and co-counselors to learn and apply concepts throughout the day and the week in a fun and engaging manner. Our caring and compassionate counselors are with their group of children all throughout the day and become an important mentor and leader for our eager and happy campers!

Special area teachers will work closely with administration to develop fun and engaging activities relevant to the theme. Teachers will have the opportunity to manage their camp groups one at a time (about 15 children) with the assistance of head counselors as well as co-counselors. Our teachers have the important job of forming fun, engaging, and exciting hands on activities to help the children connect the concepts of our theme to their everyday life.

Please indicate the position(s) and age group you are interested in and we will consider your qualifications and performance from last year, if you were involved, or other experiences working with children. Please note, head counselors and teachers are PAID positions, and rate is based on your experience and how much you contribute. We look forward to hearing from you! APPLICATION DEADLINE IS May 5 2017,12AM.

Please fill out this form and send your resume and references to Noha at


Teachers: Classroom teaching experience required. Teaching certification preferred.

Counselors: Communication and leadership skills, classroom experience, experience with children, understanding of child development and psychology.

Benefits include:
-excellent experience and training working with children, families, and staff for those interested in careers in management, education, social work, psychology, medicine, etc
-you will be a mentor and friend to our youth, making a lifelong impact on their lives and important relationships with peers
-opportunity to teach at every moment with our curious learners and guide their inquisitiveness
-the rewarding benefits of teaching children Islam, Quran, and instilling the pillars of our faith within their hearts and their daily practices
-explore Chicago with us on fun field trips, and engage in fun onsite activities
-lunches and admission to field trips are included for all counselors
-compensation varies depending on your experience and qualifications

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