Pre-Conversation Input - The Great Reset
You are part of a larger group of people taking part in The Great Reset.

The key pillars of The Great Reset are to have conversations that afford the opportunity to share with humility and listen with respect. There is no agenda. The intention is to empower everyone to engage in conversation.

These surveys are intended to help us build better conversations and make them more compelling to people. We believe the more people talking, and the more people willing to listen leads to better and stronger communities.

Again, thank you for taking part in the conversation. Your participation is imperative to bring us all just a bit closer together.

A disclaimer on use of the term 'The Wall' in the following pre-conversation survey. From early on, President Trump coined the phrase 'The Wall' to refer to a physical barrier along the southern border, and while various iterations have come to light, the phrase still applies.
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The topic this month is The Wall. How comfortable do you feel talking about this topic? 1= not at all and 5= very comfortable *
Do you believe there is an emergency at our Southern Border *
Not at all
What type of crisis is happening at our Southern Border? *
What would serve The United States best in regard to our Southern Border? Feel free to choose multiples, as they apply. What do YOU believe serves The United States, best? *
Please elaborate on your previous response, what would serve the United States best at the Southern Border?
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What is the proposal of The Wall protecting against? What is YOUR understanding of the current proposal for The Wall? *
If The Wall were built, as is being proposed, would America be safer? 1= would have no effect and 5= absolutely *
Was the government shutdown to start 2019, worth it in order to further the discussion on The Wall? *
Absolutely not
Without a doubt
Have we managed the current situation with our Southern Border in a way which you feel is correct? 1= poorly 5= in the best way possible *
Is the current method of detainment a good deterrent to illegal border crossing, specifically separating children from adults? *
Not in the least
Which of the following topics interest you most for future conversations? Choose all that apply
When was the last time you had a deep conversation, about a relevant topic, with someone of a very different opinion? *
I can't recall
Any additional comments about The Great Reset?
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Is there anyone, you think would like to participate in The Great Reset? (If yes, name, email and phone - if no, please leave blank)
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