Theatrical Performance application form 2018
Welcome to Wonderfruit - a celebration of art, music and ideas to inspire positive impact.

Art and theater performances at Wonderfruit are spectacular, immersive and compelling. For this year’s edition we are looking for roaming theater projects, interactive site-specific performances, creative interventions, happenings and multi-media spectacles that push boundaries and engage audiences. Set in our open fields, we welcome programs that will interplay with the landscape, other structural installations and of course, our curious festival goers.

If you have a performance to share with us, please fill out the application form below before the closing date of 15 October 2018 including as much information as you can. Successful applicants will be notified by 30 October 2018.

We highly recommend that you write out your answers to the questions below in a separate word document before completing this online application form, and then copy and paste the information across. That way you will have a copy of your answers for your records once you’ve submitted the form, and you won’t risk losing your answers in the process.


We encourage, develop and innovate creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. We use our platform to catalyze creativity and make a meaningful positive impact.


Wonderfruit is dedicated to promoting sustainability as an adventure in living well; so, in other words, the message it carries and the impact it has on the environment are important criteria.

Ready? Let's go.

Live. Love. Wonder.

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Please outline the space or logistical requirements for your piece i.e. the area you need to deliver your performance, do you need a quiet space, electricity for lighting or sound amplification?
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Please outline your expenses. A limited number of arts grants may be awarded to certain successful applications. Please note that we only provide funding for materials, which does not include artists’ fees or travel expenses. Please take this into account when working out your costs. If you are awarded an arts grant, all receipts for purchases must be submitted to the Art department.
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