Mobile Joomla! Community Survey
Thank you very much for being a part of Mobile Joomla! community. We are constantly improving our product and trying to ensure that it always remains free. In order achieve that, we are planning to introduce premium features for those users, who would wish to receive advanced functionality and support. By filling in this survey, you help us greatly to utilize our development resources efficiently and keep our project going forward.
Are you satisfied with Mobile Joomla? *
What is the best thing about Mobile Joomla?
E.g. ease of installing and updating, device coverage, etc.
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What are the weakest / improvement points of Mobile Joomla?
Is there something particular annoying you or causing dissatisfaction?
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What new features would you really want or need Mobile Joomla! to have?
Is there something you really need for your website, or for websites you develop?
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Would you be interested in premium (paid) Mobile Joomla! features?
Which premium (paid) features you would be interested in?
What do you use Mobile Joomla! mainly for? *
Please tell us a bit about yourself so we can get a better idea of what purpose you use MJ for.
Would you like to be a beta tester for Mobile Joomla! premium features? If yes, please add your email address.
If you wish to provide us valuable personal feedback and get early access to our premium features during the winter 2011/2012, please enter your email.
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