Nola Homeschoolers 2020 Co-op
Please complete this form for participating in NOLA Homeschoolers Co-op. Prices listed are for the entire semester. Our co-op fees are as affordable as they are because we rely on parental support to lead classes. Leaders will earn $50 for each class led per semester. If there isn't an age listed, it's open to anyone interested in participating. If you haven't signed up to lead a class, plan to help clean up at the end of the day or during a cleaning/organizing day. Most classes are limited to 8 participants to ensure that everyone is engaged. There's always an empty room for studying, reading, or completing school work. If your child is sick, for the safety of others, refrain from attending. If you lead classes and can't make it, email us and the parents in your class to let them know. Some may decide to come anyway and meet without you, while others may opt to skip. Unless a class fills up, dues are due on the first day. If a class is full, we'll require payment in advance to hold your spot.
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