Douglas City School Spring 2021 Parent Survey
Thank you for helping us understand your concerns and needs.
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School Safety - My child feels safe at school. *
School Safety-The safety measures the school has taken made me feel better about sending my child to school for the 20-21 academic year. *
School Safety- There is enough supervision before, during, and after school.
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School Safety and Climate-I feel welcome to contact the school with concerns, questions, or comments. (We realize COVID restrictions placed limitations on having adults on campus. We hope you still felt welcomed, and look forward to having the restrictions lifted) *
Safety and Climate-Overall, how confident do you feel in the protocols put in place for the safety of your child returning to school this year? *
School Climate - My child feels a sense of belonging and connectedness at the school. *
School Climate - My child has positive relationships with other students at school. *
School Climate - School staff care about my child as a person. *
School Climate - The teachers/staff are available to me when I have questions or concerns. (COVID restrictions notwithstanding.) *
School Climate- I agree with the discipline policies and behavior expectations of the school. *
School Climate-I feel the cafeteria program serves nutritious and appealing meals. *
Parent and Community Involvement - The school has a positive public image *
Parent and Community Involvement-I am kept informed of how I can participate in my child's education. *
Parent and Community Involvement- Teachers/Staff respond to the concerns of parents and the community. *
Parent and Community Involvement-I know what is going on at the school. *
Parent and Community Involvement- I am given opportunities to be involved in school activities and events.(Due to COVID, we could not have our usual activities and events. But, when we are able to, do you feel you will be included? *
Parent and Community Involvement- I am given opportunities to take part in school decisions. (Like this survey!) *
Services and Programs - Having aides in every classroom is important. *
Services and Programs - Providing counseling services for students is important. *
Services and Programs - After school tutoring is important in supporting academic progress. *
Services and Programs- Taking field trips is important. (When COVID restrictions are lifted) *
Services and Programs- Weekly music instruction is important (grades K through 5) *
Services and Programs- Weekly art instruction is important. *
Academics- My child has a reasonable amount of homework. *
Academics-I am informed of my child's progress through progress reports, phone/email connection, Student Study Team meetings. *
Academics- I am satisfied with my child's progress in the following. *
Which of the following do you find most useful to your student's success? *
Please let us know which of the following features of Douglas City School you value the most. *
Student Grade Level - Identify the grade level(s) of your student(s). *
After School Program (ASES) Survey
If your child participates in the after school program or would like to attend, please answer the following questions. We use this data to make positive changes to current policies that in turn, ultimately serve the students Thanks!
What is the most valuable part of having your child attend the after school program?
Is the after school staff helpful with answering any questions regarding the program or addressing concerns you may have?
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What does your child say is his/her favorite part of the after school program? Check all that apply.
28. Do you feel the program provides a safe, healthy and nurturing environment for all youth? Our goal is to ensure that young people are physically and emotionally secure, respected and accepted for who they are.
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Do you feel the staff in the after school program offer quality instruction and are highly motivated to make your child's learning experience a positive one?
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Do you feel the after school program creates and sustains an environment that promotes healthy choices among the youth and staff?
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Do you feel the after school program supports, complements and expands the school day through intentionally designed enrichment activities and student-centered academic assistance?
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On average, how many days per week does your child attend the after school program?
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Do you have any suggestions or comments regarding our after school program you would like to leave us?
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