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With your new Monarch Lifecycle Kit, you will be able to experience the joy of rearing Monarch butterflies on your patio, porch, balcony or deck.  All kits must be picked up at the Monarch Research Station at 4970 Lakeside Drive, Marion, Iowa.  Because your kit contains live milkweed plants and Monarch caterpillars, we cannot ship the kits to your home.  Each kit costs $50, and payment via check, cash or card will be collected when you pick up your new rearing kit.  

2nd Rearing - If you've already purchased a Monarch Lifecycle Kit, and you'd like to rear additional Monarch butterflies, please select 2nd Rearing - Milkweed & Caterpillar Replenishment as your order type.   The cost for the live milkweed and caterpillars for a 2nd rearing in your existing Lifecycle Kit is $15 (payable at time of pick-up)

PLEASE NOTE: our ordering window for Summer 2022 is now closed (as of July 18, 2022).  We will offer MLKs again starting in mid-to-late June, 2023. Please feel free to complete the form and we will contact you with details in the spring. Thank you!
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You will receive an email when the MLKs are ready. Our timing relies on growth of milkweed and monarch stock (within monarch rearing season). Orders must be picked up at the Monarch Research Station, no delivery available.
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