"SigEp Sings" - A Grand Conclave Scholarship
A Grand Conclave Scholarship in memory of SigEp alumnus Herbert J. Philpott (MA Gamma '55), accomplished musician and dedicated volunteer.
A Grand Conclave Scholarship in memory of brother Herbert J. Philpott (MA Gamma '55), accomplished musician, renowned music educator, and dedicated SigEp volunteer. Applicants receiving this award will have the cost of registration, travel, and accommodation for the 2019 Concalve covered up to $2000.

Applications must be received by May 15, 2019.

Eligibility: For an undergraduate majoring in Music, or Music Education, or performing in a university-recognized instrumental or singing group who is willing to sing in the Grand Chapter Conclave Chorus.

Conclave Delegates and Alternates are not eligible for the scholarship. If a Delegate or Alternate is identified after the submission of the scholarship, another chapter brother who applied for the scholarship may be considered, but not guaranteed to receive the scholarship. In the interest of spreading the benefit, the SigEp Sings award and should not combined with other Chapter or National Conclave Scholarships.

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