The Wealthie Interview 🎤
The first step to understanding money is a conversation like this one — and we’ve given you the script. Just ask these 10 questions, record your kid’s answers, and see where it goes.

👉 What your kid will get
• Your undivided attention for about 15 minutes.
• The understanding that money is an important subject.

👉 What you’ll get
• A sense of what your kid already understands.
• An entry point for future conversations.
• AND, an original illustrated portrait of each kid whose interview we publish. We’ll commission these portraits from a photo you provide and email you a high-resolution print of the illustration, free of charge.

👉 What we’ll get
We’ll publish an edited version of the interview with the illustrated portrait on our soon-to-be-launched website, Wealthie.Works. In time, we’ll build a database of what kids of every age know about money, and we’ll use that information to create real-world lessons to teach financial literacy.

👉 What information will you share?
Your kid will be identified by only:
• First name — and we encourage you to use a middle name or a nickname if you like.
• Age.
• Illustrated portrait.

👉 Tips for Interviewers
1. Get them while they’re feeling chatty. If they don’t want to talk, don’t force it!
2. Remind them there are no wrong answers! We want to know what they know.
3. Don’t worry about the order of the questions. Skip around until you find one they're into, then go back to others if they're up for it.
4. Record their voices for an instant time capsule. If your kid is into it, open up Voice Memos on your phone.
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