2020 Northeast CPL Summit Session RFP
For details about the summit, please visit cpcommunities.org/northeast or email thomas@cpcommunities.org. For further information about the RFP process, please visit cpcommunities.org/submit. The RFP process closes on Dec 4 at 11:59pm EST.

A Creative Placemaking Leadership Summit is a catalyst for dynamic leaders for communities. Every Summit attracts decision-makers, thought leaders, and key influencers from the arts, community and economic development, government, social services and real estate development. The reviewers of your proposal are also knowledgeable and influential people who represent a diversity of industry, professional and cultural perspectives.

We typically get more session proposals than we have space. You will have a better chance of having your proposal accepted if:

*You read the list of recommended topics from our Working Group: bit.ly/2JTmOPY While you can propose on any topic related to creative placemaking, if your proposal doesn't fit one of the recommended topics, it will have to be exceptional to get the same consideration as those of other applicants.

*Your proposed session can inform, inspire, or empower a wide range of people. If you are proposing to have multiple instructors or panelists in your session, reviewers prefer that they reflect a diversity of views, cultures, or orientations. Please make your session proposals convincing to people outside your profession.

*You are as clear as possible about how you will engage participants in ways that they find enjoyable and value the knowledge they bring to the Summit. Reviewers generally prefer sessions that have hands-on activities, exercises, and offer opportunities for peer leadership than traditional presentations and panel discussions that take up more than a half-hour of the session time. If you are proposing to share your research, please be clear about the implications for practice.

*You focus on how participants can use what they learn or experience in the session to enhance their practice. Summits are designed to inform, inspire, empower, and support the people who want to strengthen communities through local arts and cultural activities.

*You are motivated more by a desire to share with, and learn from, a diverse community of creative placemakers. Reviewers have been very skeptical of session proposals that to them look like vanity projects or thinly veiled pitch sessions -- and almost never approve them.

Note: Some of these answers will be used in promotional materials, such as the printed program and social media. Please use a formal, third person voice. Because we serve a wide range of audiences, please avoid using professional jargon. NCCP may edit some language for final materials.
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We recommend reading through session types by visiting cpcommunities.org/submit. By submitting a proposal, you're acknowledging that NCCP and the CPL Summit teams can alter your proposed session format for the benefit of the Summit participants.
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The Summit will take place at Drexel University in Philadelphia. If your session is accepted, we will try our best to fit into your schedule.
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Note: This is in regards to your proposed session. In other words, who and what is the focus of your work?
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To the best of your ability, describe what participants should expect and what they will learn.
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Note: This is in regards to your proposed session. In other words, what will you share that looks at the approaches of you or your organization that address challenges mentioned above? Examples may include activism/advocacy, policy change, social practice art, etc.
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