Weekly Test Request Form
This is a form to request a drill test or to inform us that you can help with other's drill tests. This form is due every SUNDAY by 10 am. You must fill out this form each week to be given first priority on meeting nights. Be sure to look over your test beforehand and practice! You must come prepared to take the test! Here is a link to the drill test booklet: https://rb.gy/onwv2f

Please plan on only taking drill tests BEFORE the meeting starts (except for Leadership Development nights). The other nights are specifically designed for other topics and we will not be guaranteed time for drill testing. You can arrive at the meeting starting at 5:30 pm to complete drill tests and other promotion items. Please reach out to your flight staff with any questions, here are their emails:

Training Flight Staff:
C/CMSgt Briesemeister, Training Flight Commander (d.bries@outlook.com)
C/SSgt Bourassa, Training Flight Sergeant (milesbourassa@outlook.com)

Alpha Flight Staff:
C/CMSgt Haley, Alpha Flight Commander (sphaley@thehaleyhouse.com)
C/TSgt Ondrey, Alpha Flight Sergeant (tommy.ondrey@icloud.com)

Bravo Flight Staff:
C/MSgt Tavakley, Bravo Flight Commander (mickeyt963@hotmail.com)
C/SSgt Olsen, Bravo Flight Sergeant (ira.olsen7@gmail.com)
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What time will you be at the meeting this Tuesday? (The earlier you can arrive the better, 5:30 is the earliest anyone can arrive) *
Other information you need to tell the Executive Staff (other needed promotion items, etc) *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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