Source references for EACH of your texts for English - May 2017
Please provide the following source information for EACH of your text in the personal portfolio, i.e. ONE form per text, also for the texts you handed in in November, if any. This means 3 texts for Erasmus students and 6 for regular students.
Your own SURNAME, First Name
Provide your SURNAME - a comma - First Name, e.g. "ADAM, Bross"
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Group letter
F, G or H
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Author(s) of your text
Type the Author's name in CAPITAL LETTERS, separated by a comma if there are more authors
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Year of publication
Indicate EITHER the year of publication if available, OR the year of consultation (2017) if this comes from a website with no year of publication
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Title of your text
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Provide the name of your source (Magazine, Newspaper, Journal, Website name), e.g. "Time Magazine" or "Bloomberg Business" or "AdAge"
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Place of publication
Place of publication OR URL in case of a website
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