Join the North River Church of Christ for a day of service in our very own neighborhood! Come one, come all: small groups, families, friends, co-workers, etc. This year, we have three ways to make a meaningful impact on our neighbors.

Family2Family- team up with a group and decide to sponsor a family. You will provide some meals or food staples to support this family during Spring Break. You can give non-perishables or perishables. Maybe you make a lasagna and freeze it for this family to enjoy later? You can also decide to put everything in colorful boxes and personalize them with cards, activities and games for the kids. Let us know if you can support a family with 2, 3, 4 or 5 kids. By March 21, YES! will provide you with specific details about the family we've matched you with. On March 31st, you'll decide whether your entire team or just representatives will deliver these goods to your family. (Delivery time decided by the team)

Meet the Streetz- your team will serve as the face of North River to the neighbors. If you have cute kids or an adorable roommate, this would be perfect for you! You will knock on doors of the streets surrounding our building. Ask neighbors if they have prayer requests, needs and if they know what we're doing in the community. Of course, we'd love to invite them to worship with us on Easter Sunday the next day. Spanish speakers highly needed here. (Between 9am-11am)

Extra Mile- this team isn't afraid to get their hands dirty! We'll do some light yard and exterior work like weeding, cutting lawns and small beautification projects for neighbors. (Between 9am-11am)

Please complete the registration below by March 18th so we can direct you to the correct team. Once sorted, you will be contacted and provided the necessary information.

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