API Architect / Developer
You will create and maintain high-availability public (and internal) APIs and services based on a huge amount of data. We have millions of games per day, thousands of requests per second, and that sort of scale has your respect and triggers your plans for handling more. You've consumed the big APIs and have real observations about what makes an API popular or painful. You dream up legit reasons to respond with 418. You know your way around an open source project or two. You have built public developer tools before, you deeply regret the pain you've caused, and you know how to do better next time. You think curl is the best HTTP interface ever. Our stack is PHP/Symfony so that's where your comfort lies, but you know how to branch out. Your passion for building tools people use is contagious.

- PHP (Symfony2)
- Experience in other a few other languages: node.js, Python, Ruby, Java, etc
- solid OAuth and HTTP REST principles, and opinions on when they are bunk
- consumed APIs for: Facebook, Twitter, Google, and others
- open source projects (as maintainer, contributor, or avid participant)
- MySQL / Redis (a bonus)

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