Trading Tournament
Tournament is open to anyone.
Start Date: April 16, 2018.
WINNER: Bilo Selhi wins tournament on April 30, 2018
@Bamafinn takes second place on May 4
Tournament continues for third place..

PRIZE: 1 month subscription to
3rd place will receive 2 weeks subscription.

See RULES below for details.

Buy long or Sell short *
Stock or ETF symbol *
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Google+ Name or Twitter Name *
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Tournament is open to anyone.

How to win: First trader (contestant) to score 3 (or more) points AND has a 50% or greater win ratio. Trader must notify Bilo Selhi after the 3 points are scored. Bilo Selhi will then confirm the trades by reviewing the trade database.

How is a point scored?
1 point is scored by entering a trade for a stock or ETF that eventually increases 12% or more (or decreases 12% for a short sale) . You can 'buy long' or 'sell short'. The trade does NOT have to be an actual trade with real money.

How to enter a trade?
See the form on this page.
There are 3 pieces of information to enter:
1) buy or sell short
2) stock or ETF symbol
3) your Google+ or Twitter name

How do you determine the entry price of the trade?
Entry price will be determined by the time-stamp when you enter the trade into the form.
Example: If you enter a trade at 9:47AM, the closing price of the 1-minute candle at 9:47AM will be the entry price.
If you enter a trade when market is halted or closed, the next opening price will be used.

How many trades can be entered?
You may enter as many trades as you want, but to win the tournament, your win ratio must be 50% or more. This means that if you enter 7 trades, you would have to score more than 3 points to have a 50% or more win ratio. For example, if you enter 7 trades and score 3 points, your win ratio would be 3/7 or 43%, you would need to win a 4th trade to have a win ratio at/above the 50% level (ie. 4/7 = 57%).

Can I use stocks or ETFs that Bilo Selhi alerts?
Yes, you can.

What stocks or ETFs are eligible?
Any stock or ETF listed on NASDAQ, NYSE, or AMEX.
Dollar volume must exceed $150,000 on any day during the trade.

Any other questions, please ask @BiloSelhi1 on Twitter or email: .

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