Pig's Patreon Art Request Form
Requests are never guaranteed. These are solely based on my own interest in drawing them.

I will complete requests in whichever style I think suits the piece best!

This form is left open & public to read, but non-patreon requests will be deleted immediately.

*Requests can be submitted at any time, and as often as desired
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Acceptable Requests
💜 Fan Art is most likely to catch my interest!*
(*I'd particularly like to draw Pokemon and Animal Crossing, but you can request characters from anything!)
💜 NSFW and SFW
💜 Your OC's*
(*I'm more likely to be drawn to SFW ideas for OC pieces)
💜 "Draw this species sexy"! - Never seen NSFW art of a particular animal and wonder how I'd draw it? I'd love to do some unique species character designs. Feel free to request a body type/personality as well. These designs may be sold as adoptables!
💜 My fursonas - either solo, with an anonymous character OR with your OC. Can be NSFW.

Please keep in mind my WILL and WILL NOT DRAW list when requesting - https://www.pigcommissions.com/terms-of-service.html
Your name on Patreon? *
Your FurAffinity username, Telegram, Twitter? *
Include as many as you have :)
Your pledge amount *
Your request...
Please include references where needed, and as much or as little detail as you'd like to give. I love artistic freedom - vague ideas or concepts give me a lot of room to do what I want with the idea, and are more fun for me to do; keep that in mind!
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