Rutgers Law School Entrepreneurship Clinic: Preliminary Application (Startup Founders)
The Rutgers Law School Entrepreneurship Clinic is a new clinic headquartered at Rutgers Law School in Newark, NJ that seeks to provide startup entrepreneurs and early stage small business founders with select legal services and support (complimentary / pro-bono at this time). This Clinic also provides law students with hands-on transactional law experience in representing for-profit and social entrepreneurs. It will also develop projects in partnership with the Rutgers Business School and the Rutgers School for Public Affairs and Administration, on which law students can collaborate with MBA and/or MPA students. The Clinic will also create linkages with the Greater Newark, New Brunswick, and broader New Jersey entrepreneurial community that will provide further opportunities to promote economic development and job creation. The Clinic will provide counseling and representation on such matters as: pre-venture activities; business planning; entity selection (e.g., whether to incorporate, form a partnership, create a limited liability company); negotiating, drafting and reviewing agreements; management and transparency-in-governance issues; capital structure, valuation and finance; intellectual property; employee management issues; community relations issues; and ongoing entrepreneurial and business activities. This Clinic will function as a virtual law firm, working with teams under the supervision of law school faculty, mentors, and a supervising practicing attorney and clinic director. Law students will be responsible for maintaining relationships with the Clinic's clients and managing the clients’ files; reviewing their business models and developing work plans to meet the clients’ needs in collaboration with the Clinic's Legal and Faculty team.
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