Good day! Due to the high volume of clients, we have temporarily closed the sign up form for our therapy and counseling services. Please stay tuned for announcements on our Facebook page for when we will open the sign-up form again. (


If you are experiencing current distress and are in need of URGENT ATTENTION, please proceed to the emergency room of the hospital nearest you. You can also call the following numbers:

DOH-NCMH Hotline: 0917-899-8727 or 02-7989-8727
Natasha Goulbourn Foundation Hopeline: 0917-558-4673, 0918-873-4673 and 02-8804-4673
In Touch Crisis Line: 0917-800-1123, 0922-893-8944 and 02-8893-7603

You may also find other psychological centers in our referral list at


In the meantime, you may refer to some resources that we hope will be of help to you:

If you are experiencing anxiety, please refer to
If you are experiencing low mood, please refer to
If you are experiencing stress, please refer to
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