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To learn more about UBC Launch Pad see our website: https://www.ubclaunchpad.com/
The deadline to apply is Saturday, May 5th at 12am.
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Tech Leads are experienced developers who are responsible for managing a team by planning the project roadmap, assigning tickets during sprints, and implementing challenging features. They are also available as a resource to less experienced developers on the team.
Developer Pre-Task
One of the ways we gauge skill and interest is by asking applicants to complete a simple programming task before applying. This gives you the opportunity to show off your technical skills in a less stressful situation than an interview, and shows us that you are motivated to join.

You are not required to complete a pre-task, but doing so will give you some bonus points when we're deciding who to interview.

You can choose any one of the following pre-tasks to complete:
Web: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/simon
Android: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/Android-Weather
iOS: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/iOS-Easy-Task
Language: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/arithmetic-machine
Machine Learning: https://github.com/ubclaunchpad/credible-clients

Fork the repository containing the pre-task for the team you're most interested in, complete the task, and link to your forked repository below.

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