IFAB 2019/20 Law Change Review 2
The goal of this Review is for you to gain a better understanding of the Laws, how to apply them and thereby reduce the confusion of the players, coaches and spectators, with the goal that your games will be enjoyable for all.

Should you click on the IFAB Laws and review some, then this review has been a success.

To review the Laws here are the links:
IFAB Website: http://www.theifab.com/laws

2019/20 Summary of the main Law changes and Clarifications: http://www.theifab.com/document/for-football-bodies

IFAB Circular 16 & 17: http://www.theifab.com/document/circulars

Presentation with Videos on the Law Changes: http://www.theifab.com/document/for-football-bodies

IFAB Mobile App: https://theifab.com/logapp/

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2019/20 Law Changes
There are significant changes to the Laws in this edition. The purpose of this review is to go over each of the Law changes that affect us the most and provide some clarity. Please review all the Law changes and let us know if you have any questions. The Laws have changed whether we agree with them or not, this review is so we better understand how to apply these changes to our matches for the enjoyment of all.

Have fun...
Outline Summary of Law Changes
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