Family Needs Assessment Survey
I have a child in grade (s): _________________ *
Identify the subjects in order of priority. *
Reading/Language Arts
Social Studies
DIRECTIONS FOR QUESTIONS 4-5: Identify the top two (2) grade spans you feel should be given top priority for students to receive extra help. *
Are you aware that the Home and School Connection or Middle Years Newsletters are available to you online? *
Did you read the family involvement policy? *
Do you regularly read the school newsletter? *
Did you read the school code of conduct and/or discipline policy (school handbook)? *
Did you read and return the Family-Student-Teacher Compact? *
Are you aware that Adult Basic Education classes are offered free to anyone in Washington County who is interested in attending and earning a GED? (For more information about the WCDE GED Program, call 423-434-4900.) *
Are you aware that an individualized high school program is available free to anyone 18 years or older in Washington County who has dropped out of school but would like to earn a high school diploma? *
Did you attend the Open House in the fall? *
Did you attend at least one school program this year? (play, athletic event, assembly) *
Did you attend at least one parent-teacher conference with the teachers this year? *
Would you attend family activities if child care were provided? *
Are you aware of the high-difficulty level state assessments (TCAP, EOC, Writing Assessment)? *
Place a check by your answer choice. If you are not able to attend family activities, what barriers most often keep you from attending these activities at your child’s school? *
I find the school entrance welcoming and inviting. *
I believe the school to be safe. *
Teachers are friendly and helpful. *
Training about educational issues is available to me. *
It is easy to contact school administrators, teachers, and staff. *
If I have a question about what my child is learning, I feel comfortable in asking for more information. *
I can easily find all school regulations and policies. *
The school has a website that is current and updated frequently. *
I was given an opportunity to volunteer at my child’s school. *
I was notified of school meetings in a timely manner. *
School meetings that involve parents are held at convenient times. *
I am familiar with extra services and resources provided for students at my child’s school. *
I make myself available for conferences requested by my child’s teacher. *
I am aware of my child's academic strengths and weaknesses. *
Are you happy with the changes that have been made at South Central School this year? (Yes/ No, Comments:) *
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