AMCA 2018 Industry Shadowing Program application
Deadline: December 10, 2018.
IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ: There are two requirements for the Industry Shadowing Program (ISP) application. Applicants must (1) fill out this form, and (2) provide a letter of support from their supervisor or advisor (any time by the deadline is fine).

Please note: this does not have to be a traditional letter of "recommendation." We're really just looking for a statement that your supervisor supports your participation in the ISP and will cover your conference travel costs beyond the travel stipend awarded through this program.

Please have letters sent to Kristy Burkhalter, (include "Letter of support" or "LOS" and applicant's name in subject line).

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In this section, please select the ISP activities you'd be most interested in, and rank your top 5 choices for sponsors. Select your top (#1) through your last (#5) choice from the drop down menus. There are 12 participating companies so make sure you see all of them! If you would prefer not to rank them (or have no preference) please select that option below and skip the rest. Please note this ranking does not guarantee that you will be paired with your top choices (although we will do our best), as is only one of several factors that will be considered when pairing YPs with their sponsors. Information about the participating companies can be found here:

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