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Breakout Session A (Simultaneous interpretation from Japanese to English will be available)
Psychological Safety: Why It's Important and What You Can Do

Join this session to take a deep dive into psychological safety. Understand what psychological safety is, how we lead and contribute to developing psychological safety and its importance to business results. Participants will learn frameworks and use case studies, group work exercises and discussions to facilitate understanding. This session will be in Japanese with simultaneous translation.

Breakout Session B (This session will be held in English only)
Conversations Matter: Practical Steps to an Inclusive Workplace

This interactive session will explore findings from neuroscience and how they show us opportunities and challenges in working with diverse teams. While deepening our understanding of how neuroscience influences behavior, Ms. Doi will share a practical framework that can be used to support building rapport and trust in the workplace, contributing to an inclusive environment benefiting all team members. This session will be in English.

Breakout Session C (This session will be held in Japanese only)
Make a Difference! Dialogue for Action

Facilitators will support small group discussions to consider how each of us, whether a team member or manager, can take action to create a more inclusive workplace, Drawing on ideas heard in the plenary sessions, participants will enjoy a dynamic discussion with idea sharing for next steps and actions to take back to their organizations. This session will be held in Japanese, with limited English support.

分科会 A (同時通訳利用可)

分科会 B (英語のみでの開催)

分科会 C (日本語のみでの開催)
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