Wyandotte High School Student Survey 19-20
Students, the Wyandotte Public School System would like your opinion. This will remain anonymous and is used for school improvement.
1. Students at our school receive an education that is appropriate to their learning needs. *
2. Our school is doing a good job of preparing students to continue their education after high school. *
3. Our school is doing a good job of preparing students to enter the work force. *
4. Students have access to individual academic or behavioral support. *
5. The grading policies are administered fairly. *
6. Teachers hold high expectations for student learning. *
7. Teachers are available to give me assistance with assignments. *
8. Teachers give me personal encouragement. *
9. Students are treated fairly by administrators. *
10. Our school is effectively preventing students from dropping out. *
11. Our school provides support for students who need extra help. *
12. Our school provides challenges for students who excel in a subject. *
13. Students feel safe at our school. *
14. Discipline procedures are fair and consistent. *
15. Our school provides a safe and orderly environment for learning. *
16. All teachers communicate regularly with students about individual student progress. *
17. Students who graduate from our school are effectively prepared to live and work successfully in today's society. *
18. Teachers really care about their students. *
19. All teachers hold high academic and behavioral expectations for all students. *
20. All teachers and staff provide time and resources to support students' best efforts. *
21. The teachers believe that all students can learn. *
23. Freshman year helps/helped me to prepare for the rest of my high school experience. *
24. Students at our school show respect for each other. *
25. I sometimes hold back from doing my best in class because of what others might think or say. *
26. I actively participate in class. *
27. I am recognized for my successes in class. *
28. I am motivated to learn. *
29. The school does not tolerate inappropriate behavior. *
30. I feel comfortable reporting suspicious behavior. *
I am in the following grade: *
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