HCaTS Scope Review Request Form
Thank you for your interest in using the Human Capital and Training Solutions (HCaTS) contract vehicles!

This scope review will be conducted in an effort to determine whether the requirements for your submitted project are within the scope of the HCaTS contract based on the predominant work of your project. If your project is determined to be within the scope of HCaTS, simply choose the appropriate NAICS code and then the Pool under Unrestricted or Small Business.

NOTE 1: After completion of this form, email us your SOW/PWS/SOO and IGCE to the following emails:
hcats@gsa.gov , sbhcats@gsa.gov , Nasim.Lashaninejad@gsa.gov

NOTE 2: The scope compatibility review is not a legal review; please follow your agency’s internal policy regarding required levels of review.

NOTE 3: Please make sure to attend HCaTS DPA Training to learn more about HCaTS and to obtain an HCaTS DPA Certificate before using HCaTS. To register for the training, go to www.gsa.gov/hcats, "HCaTS Training".

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