Building a Research Question
Work in teams of two to start developing your research question regarding how we can test and building environmental empathy. Work through the following series of questions to develop your question. You will present your question to your classmates who will give you your feedback.

Key factors: You're generally working on answering these two questions...
How can we test people's empathy towards the environment?
How can we then use that understanding to increase peoples' empathy towards the environment?
Names (Last, First) *
1. Restate the information from the articles last class on the importance of building environmental empathy to creating change and helping the environment. *
2. Explain why this topic or issue is important to your community.
3. Brainstorm 3 potential ways that you could measure empathy in individuals towards the environment. (Your experiment must involve people from outside zoo academy)
4. Write your Inquiry Question. *
5. What types of data you will need? Why do you need it? How will you collect it? What tools will you need?
6. How are you going to organize and analyze your data?
7. What do you hope to learn by completing this inquiry? How will you use your data?
8. What do you anticipate being able to create (an experience, a campaign, etc..) using your data?
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