Revolt - Summer 2018 Application Form
Revolt is now accepting applications for its Summer 2018 class.

Please read the following carefully before you apply:

- Revolt is residential and offers free space at Basecamp Peshawar throughout the cycle. This grants you free access to all events, networks and resources at Basecamp.
- All startups go through the Revolt curriculum that is developed over the past four years by Peshawar 2.0 and is specifically tailored for local startups.
- All startups will have to attend office hours with partners at Revolt, group meetings with all startups and partners EVERY WEEK and mandatory dinners occasionally.
- Revolt offers special access to the Peshawar Angel Investor Network – including 30 high net-worth individuals in the region, and some of the leading Angel and VC funds in the country and abroad including the Bay Area. At the end of the cycle, all startups are required to pitch their startups to these Angels and the community as well.
- Revolt keeps 7-10% of your company, which will be negotiated during the interview.
- The Summer 2018 cycle begins July 09, 2018 and ends on September 28, 2018. These are 12 weeks in total.
- All startups are expected to be based out of Peshawar during these 12 weeks. Revolt can guide you with accommodation, but startups are expected to manage it themselves.
- Revolt prefers full-time founders who are focused on their startups. Extremely passionate and promising student startups may be considered.
- Applications close at 23:59 on May 31, 2018. Shortlisted startups will be invited for interviews soon after that.
- A team or founder can submit multiple applications with different ideas.

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