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Things that disqualify applicants include: lying on the application, crimes of violence such as domestic violence/assault, crimes against law enforcement such as resisting arrest, fleeing/eluding, impersonating a police officer as well as having multiple arrests, having a suspended driver license, drug convictions (other than minor misdemeanor marijuana possession over five years old), and any federal or state disqualifies.

DO NOT COPY AND PASTE YOUR ENTIRE RESUME INTO ANY BLANK IN THIS FORM - if you do, it will be deleted without consideration. You may email your resume separately to hr@garverprotection, however you must still complete this job interest card.

If you have a firearm score sheet or firearm training certificate, CCW permit, or any other certifications applicable to security such as First Aid/CPR/AED, Taser, Baton, Mace, etc., please email those as well.

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We do not discriminate on employment based on age unless the law requires it. We need to know if you are over 18 years of age to work as an unarmed officer. We need to know if you are over 21 if you want to work as an armed officer. Please select the best option that describes you:
Transportation *
Do you have consistently reliable transportation? If not, but you live within walking distance to your future post, or have some other reliable means to get to work, use the "other" box to explain.
Arrests *
Explain all arrests and the outcomes of the cases for the past 10 years. This includes criminal offenses arrestable traffic offenses like OVI (DUI), fleeing, reckless operation, driving under suspension, etc. Failure to disclose your arrest record will disqualify you - investigators will complete a background check on all applicants. Lying on an application may immediately terminate employment upon discovery.
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Enter your driver license number or state ID number and state abbreviation Ex: RT123456, OH
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Do you have a current, valid driver license for the state in which you wish to work? Use "other" to explain further if necessary.
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Check all that apply. Do not check any that you do not have proof of.
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At Garver Asset Protection, you can expect to start well above minimum wage. As needed, we offer lateral transfers to offer similar positions and similar pay to officers coming from other companies. Pay rates for entry level begin at $10/hr and range to $15/hr for middle manager positions. Armed officers will start at a higher pay rate while unarmed officers who later complete firearms training to become armed officers will get a pay raise when they receive their firearm bearer card.
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You will be required by law to be fingerprinted to work in the security industry. There are costs associated with this requirement. In an effort to reduce the applicant field to those who are truly interested in security work, we require employees to pay for these costs in the beginning and we will assist them with those costs in the form of payroll deduction(s). After six months of good service, you may submit a request for reimbursement of this fee following your probationary period. Upon being hired, do you agree to forthwith report for fingerprinting (10 minute process)?
Registration *
Most states require guard registration which comes with a fee. Again, in an effort to reduce the number of applicants to those truly interested in the position, you will be initially responsible for this fee. You must either pay for it up front or you may request a payroll deduction, in which case you must complete an agreement form. After six months of good service, you may submit a request for reimbursement of this fee following your probationary period.
Uniforms *
We wear a "Class A" (traditional police style uniform). This means we do not wear overt tactical gear unless on special assignment. We provide patches and badges that are required by law and remain company property. If you do no have black Class A uniform apparel, you may either purchase it yourself or we will purchase it on your behalf prior to working. We wear all black and prefer black leather gear but we may allow nylon in certain circumstances. Please indicate which of the following uniform items you have. You are not necessarily required to have all of these items.
Notes *
Anything you want us to know. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE YOUR RESUME HERE, the formatting of the document makes it nearly impossible to read when it is submitted. You may list things on it that were not already discussed, but make sure it is in a short paragraph without blank lines, bullets, etc.
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List three work references. These can be co-workers, immediate supervisors, or other people you worked with while employed. No family references. You must provide a valid means of communication with the person.
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