Mayfair Youth Ministry Summer 2019 Internship Application
The youth ministry internship at Mayfair Church of Christ is designed to offer college students an opportunity to work with the youth ministry at a large, active congregation within a multi-staff setting. Because we view the intern experience as a serious effort in training future church leaders, Mayfair attempts to take a professional approach to the development of servant leaders. We see the youth ministry intern as a student, an apprentice, and a staff member with specific responsibilities and training opportunities.

The application for the youth ministry internship is presented below. Before filling out this application, please read the description of what being a youth intern at Mayfair entails.

How does it work?

Each summer, four college students (usually two guys and two girls) are selected to be interns for the Mayfair Youth Ministry. These interns work closely with our youth ministry staff which includes Matt Flynn, Jacob Hall and Olivia Messer, as well as Nancy Farris, the Administrative Assistant, in organizing and coordinating the activities for the summer. The interns help lead teen mission trips, summer camp, service projects and outreach efforts. Interns also spend a lot of their weekly time with teenagers in developing and strengthening relationships. Interns are responsible for teaching a weekly Bible class for one of the teen classes and helping plan and lead the devotionals on Wednesday nights.

The internship lasts for about 10 weeks from late May to early August. Salary for each intern begins at $300/week with no paid time-off or vacation except for recognized holidays. Vacations should be taken before or after the internship. Each intern will be provided housing by staying with a family of one of the teens.

Guidelines for Interns

There is one main rule for interns: There will be NO dating between Mayfair Youth Ministry interns and any member of our youth group, nor will there be any dating relationships between interns. All relationships with teens & with fellow staff should be above reproach. There are NO exceptions to this policy. Dress, language, behavior and attitude must be worthy of an ambassador of Jesus Christ.

Application Process

If you are interested in being an intern at Mayfair, please fill out the application below and submit it by October 1st, 2018 at the latest. Also, please email a resume and picture of yourself to as well as any other material you feel is relevant.

We ask that all applicants also take an online personality test as a part of their application. This will help us in discerning team chemistry & balance. This test will not be the basis for accepting or declining any applicant. Its sole purpose is to give us insight into the individuals we are considering. Please take the Free Personality test at the provided web site. The test will provide you with a four-letter "type." Please place these four letters in the space provided on the application.

All applications will be reviewed by the Youth Intern Selection Committee, which is comprised of youth ministry workers and deacons. Several applicants will be invited to come to Mayfair and interview. We intend to conduct each interview for this internship in October. During these interviews, interns will spend time with the youth ministry team and will be interviewed by members of the selection committee.

The committee will review the applications, interviews, personal recommendations and all other information to decide on a recommendation for the intern selections. These recommendations will be presented to the Mayfair Elders who will then make the final selections. The applicants selected will be notified and given up to 24 hours to consider and pray about their decision before responding. Our goal is to have the intern staff finalized by November 2018.


If you have any questions about the application, selection process or internship at Mayfair, feel free to email Nancy Farris at You may also contact any of our youth ministry staff directly: Matt Flynn (, Jacob Hall (, or Olivia Messer (

We appreciate your consideration and are looking forward to an uplifting and spiritual summer for the teens in our community.

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