Renewal Odds
Rules are simple:
- For each show, you should make a renewal prediction from 0 to 100, with 0 being a 0% chance of renewal and 100 being a 100% chance of renewal.
- You may submit a new form anytime you want until the end of the regular season in May.
- At the end of each week, I will take your most recent predictions for each show and lock that in as the guess for that respective week. So, for example, if you submit in Week 1 and don’t submit in Week 2, your Week 1 guesses will again be taken for Week 2, and for every week until you submit again. If you submit twice in a week (or more than that), only the latest guess will count.
- For the purpose of the game, week ends on Sunday - this is when I will lock down that week's predictions.
- All shows (including midseason ones) are available already. Feel free to place bets already if you wish to do so, but official guesses for each show only start being tracked the week they premiere. Shows that have premiered before the start of the regular season are assumed to officially premiere next week only.

Pointing System:
- You will get as many points for each guess as your degree of confidence. If you make a 90% guess and the show is renewed, you get 40 points; if it’s cancelled, you lose 40 points. If your bet is 50%, you never lose anything but you never gain anything.
- The points will be taken for every week the show is on the air and added up in the end. However, the closer it gets to the decision being announced, the more your guesses will be worth it.
- The winner is the one that gets most shows right, for the bigger part of the season!

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