Danville-Boyle County COVID-19 History Project
Select any or all of the writing prompts.
This archived information will be made available to the public so anyone can learn about our community's experience during this time.
All ages are invited to participate.
If you'd like to share about your experience but aren't comfortable sharing your name, you are welcome to submit your story anonymously.
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When did you first hear about the virus? Did you pay much attention to the news of the virus before it started to affect the United States? When did you start to realize that the virus might have an impact on your life?
During this time, regarding the changes imposed because of the virus, which changes have had the biggest negative (or positive) impact on you? What impact have they had on your daily routine?
If you’ve been quarantined due to possible interaction with someone who tested positive for COVID-19, or if you have tested positive, what has your experience been like? How are you coping, physically and mentally?
Because of the physical distancing measures, have you reconnected with anyone? Who were they? (If you want to use pseudonyms, just put quotation marks around the fake names.) What led you to connect with them? What method of technology did you use to reconnect? What did you learn from reconnecting with them?
What acts of kindness (or instances of people behaving badly) have you seen or experienced during the shutdown?
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