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You are here because you have a dream business and life that you want to put into action, yet so far you’ve been feeling a little… overwhelmed, over stretched and unsure where to start or how to begin seeing REAL progress and RESULTS with all the efforts you are already putting in.

I understand what it is to want that transformation so bad, to have the skills and gifts that you know you are meant to share with the world… but to also feel stuck or like… it may never happen. I know, because that is exactly how I felt for years before I finally took my side-hustle full-time, took control of how I made a living and designed a lifestyle that I once only dreamed of.

I am not here to sugar coat it for you. It does take a commitment and consistency that will test and challenge you at times, it also takes some inner work, getting clear on what you actually want and putting a strategic plan into action… BUT I also know from experience that when you lean in and commit to changing your life in this way… the changes that happen to you personally and professionally will absolutely blow your mind and bring tears of joy to your eyes.

I designed a 1:1 exclusive coaching experience for the creative side-hustler or entrepreneur who is ready to make some big transformations in their life and career. I place a heavy focus on MINDSET & ENERGY, BRAND & MARKETING STRATEGY and looking at your FINANCIAL & LIFESTYLE goals, because these are my areas of expertise and because I have been through it as a freelancer and creative business owner. I intimately understand what needs to be addressed and how to walk you through the journey, step-by-step.

Want to start that side-hustle you’ve been day- dreaming about?
Ready to take your current side-hustle full-time? OR
Are you looking to level up your current business?

Let’s get you in alignment with what you love doing most, give you the strategy and plan to not only become known for what you do… but making the money and impact you desire -- on your own terms.


First, I'd love to know a bit about you so that I can give you the most value in our follow up discovery call.

Thank you and I can't wait to meet you!

Lacey J.

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All of my coaching programs are a 3 month commitment in order to ensure I can help you create positive change and sustainable growth in your business. Are you ready to commit to making this investment in yourself and your business?
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