Monomyth: Alpha Registration
This is the alpha registration form for Monomyth, a first-person fantasy roleplaying game by Rat Tower Software. Alpha testing is organized in different stages. The plan is to involve more and more people in every stage and eventually open the alpha build for the general public.

Please fill out the following form to register for the closed stages of alpha testing. Your data will be handled with utmost care and won't be forwarded to any third parties. Once your testing stage starts you will be notified through mail (a Discord invitation will be shared with you for technical questions, direct feedback and similar).

Estimated start of the first alpha testing stage: January 2020
Email address *
Please consider: Monomyth's Alpha will be an actual alpha test! This is NOT a marketing demo but for the purpose of testing and improvement. Please do not apply for the alpha if you just want to get an early look at the game. The alpha is NOT representative of the final product! *
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