Tell us your weird and wonderful ideas to make the LearnCoach website more fun. We'll pay $50 for every new idea we implement.
- Submit as many ideas as you like.
- Pop a little dash next to every idea.
- We're open to big ideas, small ideas, good ideas and stupid ideas - anything goes for any page of the website. They can be funny ideas (like the procrastinate button we have) or non-funny ideas (like comments under videos - which is something we're currently implementing). Think about what would be entertaining or what would be most beneficial to students.
- There is a chance that we're already working on ideas you might suggest, so by submitting, you are acknowledging this is a possibility and promise to not get all up in a huff. We've got a budget to pay for good ideas here, so we want to use it!
- Any questions, email me!

**SUBMISSIONS ARE ALWAYS OPEN** In other words, I'll check them on a weekly basis.
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