2018-19 Teacher of the Year and Spotlight on Teachers Award Program Nomination Form
Thank you for your interest in recognizing exceptional teaching in Stamford Public Schools. Any tenured teacher may nominate a colleague for this competitive program. Spotlight Award recipients from the past 3 years cannot be considered for a Spotlight Award but may be considered for a Teacher of the Year Award. For your reference, a list of names is included at then end of the form.

The district offers two categories of award: Spotlight on Teachers and Teacher of the Year.

The Spotlight on Teachers Award recognizes outstanding recent achievements by SPS teachers working individually or in teams. There are usually multiple recipients of the Spotlight award.

The SPS Teacher of the Year award recognizes an individual teacher who demonstrates consistently high levels of commitment and achievement over the course of her or his career. There is one Teacher of the Year recipient and several runner-up award winners who will form the Teacher of the Year Cohort.

Regardless of which award you have in mind for your candidate, your nomination will be strengthened by citing specific attributes, achievements and other evidence of excellent teaching and contribution to our profession.

Please provide specific examples for any or all of the following criteria that demonstrate excellence (above and beyond professional expectation) in the following areas:

· Outstanding teaching
· Exceptional student support
· Exemplary community involvement
· Positive influence on school culture

Please submit the following online Nomination Form by hitting submit below. If you're nominating more than one candidate, use a separate form for each. It may be more convenient for you to type your response elsewhere and copy/paste it into the form.

Please submit by January 26, 2018.

The following rubric will be applied to each category during the evaluation:

Strong Evidence with very specific examples (3)

Sufficient Evidence with examples (2)

Limited Evidence only one example or less specific evidence (1)

Insufficient Evidence - no example/evidence provided (0)

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Describe how the nominee has demonstrated excellence (above and beyond professional expectation) in any or all of the following areas. Cite specific examples. **If you are nominating a Teacher of the Year candidate, you must respond to all four categories.**
Outstanding Teaching
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Exceptional student support
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Exemplary community involvement
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Positive influence on school culture
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