Crossfit Defined Open Intramural 2020
Use this form to submit your Open Workout score as well as indicate what you've done this week to earn your team points.

Submissions for the current week must be made by Monday 11:59pm Central. Submissions for the following week will be accepted after Thursday at 5pm Central. No late submissions will be allowed.

Teams who get 50 or more athletes submitted by Monday night will win a bonus 10 points for that week.

Please follow the instructions to submit your score properly OR YOUR SUBMISSION MAY BE DISQUALIFIED! Only one submission accepted per week per athlete.
Email address *
Who are you? *
Did you Throw Down? *
Did you attend or participate in the throwdown on Friday night anytime between 7pm-9pm?
Team Colors? *
Did you wear your Team Uniform during the Friday night throw-down from 7pm-9pm?
Oly Class? *
Did you attend any Olympic Weightlifting classes this past week? (i.e. between Nov 6 - 11 for Week 5)
Strength Class? *
Did you attend any Strength Cafe or Life Lifting / Strongman this week? (i.e. between Nov 6 - 11 for Week 5)
Specialty Classes? *
Did you attend at least 2 Specialty classes this week? (SLR, DefCon, Team WOD, Kettlebell between Nov 6 - 11 for Week 5)
Social Media? *
Did you post to social media and use all three tags (#definedintramurals #defined #morethanagym) between Nov 6 - 11 for Week 5?
Did you Scale or go Rx?
If you did not do this open WOD, or you didn't do it with the weight AND movements as prescribed for either the Rx or Scaled workouts, select "Something Else"
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